Jobs for Interveners

Below is a list of Interveners searching for work and employers looking for Interveners.

For employers looking for Interveners:  Please send us the information, and we will publish it here.

For Interveners looking for work:  We will post positions as we get them, but we do not screen any of the positions. You will need to use your good judgment when applying for positions.  Below are a few positions that we have received.


Intervener Wanted for Child Attending a Summer Day Camp in New Jersey (05-06-2015)

Here’s a fun opportunity that you may want to consider:

An Intervener is needed for a child attending a Kids Day Camp in Gordon Town, New Jersey, August 10-21.  The camp runs from 8:30-4:30.  A child who is deafblind needs an intervener so that he can attend the camp.  Housing is available if needed. Also a stipend will be paid.  Please contact Kim Norton, (856) 425-8026, for further details.


Intervener Wanted in Rockdale, Texas (04/28/2015)

An Intervener is needed for summer of 2015 and ongoing to work with a 16 year male with Charge Syndrome.  He has light perception only, uses sighted guide, hearing on the right side only, communication is tactile symbols and hand under hand with using sign language, calendar system, loves repetition, has behaviors. We live in a small town call Rockdale, Texas, an hour north of Austin, Texas. This will be a full time position of at least 30-40 hours a week and paid by DBMD program. Has summer activities that will include his recycling service, can crushing, swimming, exercise and maybe some activity with horses (still pending). For more information please contact Denitra Rideaux at 512-626-6583 or Thanks you and have a blessed week.


Intervener Wanted in Houston, Texas (03/5/2015)

Job Posting in Spring Branch ISD, Houston Texas

Immediate opening for a paraprofessional to work with a 5 year old student with deafblindness.

Responsibilities include:

Instructional Support:
Adhere to Texas Education Agency and district policies and procedures.
Assist in carrying out the instructional program under the supervision of the teaching personnel.
Assist in preparation, use and maintenance of instructional materials and equipment.
Assist with teacher planned activities, exercises and drills.
Follow teacher instruction and guidance.

Student Management:
Assist in helping student with receptive and expressive communication needs
Build meaningful relationship with student
Assist in maintaining student records
Assist in helping students in self-care activities, such as, feeding and toileting needs (REQUIRED).

188 days, $18,800.00 or higher depending on experience per year (Category: 5)

We would prefer applicant to have experience/training working with children with visual impairments or deafblindness; however, we will provide training options for hired person.

For more information, please contact Christine Davis via email or phone (713)251-1700.


Intervener Wanted in Houston, Texas (03/4/2015)

Huckeye Heath Services in Houston, Texas, is in need of an intervener (see description).  For more information, please call 281-712-2051, or visit their Website at


Intervener Position Available in the Aurora, Colorado, Public Schools (02/17/2015)

Job Summary: Responsible for providing direct support for all or part of the instructional day to a student who is deafblind as determined by the student’s IEP. Work to facilitate student’s access to environmental information and/or use of receptive and expressive communication skills. Develop and maintain a trusting, interactive relationship that promotes social and emotional well-being. May assist with translation and/or communication using second language skills when possible.

For more information, go to:


Intervener Position Available in Gilmer, Texas (02/23/2015)

Job Summary: An intervener is needed to work with an 18 year old male beginning this Summer.  The family is located in a small town in East Texas called Gilmer.  The family would like to hire someone with either a teacher of the deafblind certification or intervener certification or someone who is strong in this field.  They do  not necessarily have to have their certification.  This individual has low vision with profound hearing loss.  He is a very mobile young man who loves people and watching his iPad.  He is not a cane walker.  His communication device is a calendar system of pictures and sign language.

This would be a full time position 40-50 hours a week.  The majority of the hours would be paid by the DBMD waiver and the rest (3 hours/day) would be paid by the school district during school schedules. The family will be utilizing the local school district through the Vocational program they offer.  The family has a dry cleaning business and anticipates their son working there.

For more information, please contact Denise Sewell at


Intervener Position Available at the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind in Staunton, Virginia (11/5/2014)

Vacancy Announcement

Intervener for the Deaf-Blind 

Position Number:  00077                                Open Date:  TBD

Hiring Range:  $20,808 – $35,000              Closing Date:  TBD

The Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind at Staunton, Virginia is seeking an Intervener for the Deaf-Blind to provide instructional assistance and program support for classroom teachers and dormitory staff serving children who are deaf, hard of hearing, visually impaired or blind, and who may also have significant cognitive and physical disabilities.  This is a 10-month position with normal hours from 7:45am – 4:15pm.  Hours may differ depending on special assignments.

For details please visit


Deaf-Blind Intervener Positions – WA (10/8/2014)

Bellevue School District: This job posting is to support a middle/high school aged student with deaf-blindness.

Highline School District: This job posting is to support a preschooler  who is deaf-blind.

To apply, go to the district website site.

On the left hand side of the web page, click on Employment Opportunities. From there, click on the Classified & Support Staff Positions. Next is a page that will allow you to apply for positions and see openings.


Intervener Wanted in Arlington, Virginia (5-28-2014)

This is a full-time, 187 day position located at Barrett Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia.


  • Assistants must meet the highly qualified requirements of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) at the time of hire. Assistants shall achieve highly qualified status if they have a high school diploma, and
    • An Associate Degree or two years of college study. At least 60 semester hours, 12 which must be in English or mathematics, depending on job responsibilities, or
    • A score of at least 455 on the Parapro Test.
  • Employee will be expected to complete Deaf-Blind Training.
  • Must have participated in Intervener Training and/or Program.


  • Experience working with students with special needs.
  • Familiarity working with deaf-blind students.
  • Experience working in a diverse school setting.


  • Must be willing to work with special needs students.
  • Patient, flexible, and organized.
  • Ability to communicate with parents.
  • Collaborative team player.
  • Willingness to work under teacher direction and supervision.

For more information contact Erin Wales-Smith, Coordinator of Recruitment for Arlington Public Schools, at, or call (703) 228-2419.


Intervener Wanted in Tennessee

An Intervener is needed in Kingsport, Tennessee (Sullivan County), for a 16 (almost 17) year old who was born with CHARGE Syndrome. This person is finishing up his Sophomore year at high school and will start his Junior year in August.  He will continue at his current high school until the school year of 2018-2019.

An Intervener could provide the most appropriate support and services for this individual who has always had a one-on-one assistant who is able to sign with/for him.  His assistant is retiring at the end of the school year so there is an opening for an Intervener.  The job titled used by the Sullivan County School System is “Communication Facilitator.”  To apply for the position please go to:

Please e-mail for further information.


Interveners Wanted in Mississippi

Looking for possibly two full time Interveners for two students (one female 6 years old, and one male student 10 years old) who are deafblind and attend school in two separate school districts. Intervener training respected by the specific educational teams. Interveners must also be able to procure certification in American Sign Language in Mississippi. For more information, contact Toni Hollingsworth, Mississippi Hearing-Vision Project: 228-249-9668 or


Intervener Wanted in Houston, Texas

We are a family in Houston, Texas looking for an intervener for our 4 year old son. We are looking for someone for a position working with him within our home for a year term or longer.

Our son has a rare genetic disorder called Frasers Syndrome. He is completely blind and also has hearing loss, largely conductive. His hearing has improved gradually since birth and we believe he is now hearing in the 35 db range. He is amazingly bright and has worked with a variety of therapists since 6 weeks of age, however he still does not communicate much verbally and is just learning some signs.

He is not medically fragile, although he does have some health complications related to his syndrome. He is completely mobile and walks with a cane. He loves music, swimming, and all types of activities that involve movement. He is extremely spirited and very happy, and has a wonderful sense of humor and laugh.

He currently attends a special needs pre-school program and works with VI, AI, OT, Speech, O&M, and Music therapists. We feel like an intervener is the missing piece in terms of unlocking his ability to communicate. We would be so grateful to have someone to work with him on a more consistent basis and also to help us in terms of how to better work with him.

We are open and flexible in terms of the compensation for the position. We are willing to fund travel to and from Houston, as well as assist with living situations (potentially even within our home if that is preferred).

We look forward to talking with you all regarding the position. If interested, please contact me at


Intervener Training Program Graduate Seeking Work in Colorado

Intervener looking for temporary, part-time, or full-time work in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area.  Interested families and/or educational agencies with comments/questions, please contact Mimi at


Intervener Training Program Graduate Seeking Work in Houston, Texas

Intervener looking for work in the Houston, Texas, area.  Interested families and/or educational agencies with comments/questions, please contact Elizabeth at



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