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The mission of the National Intervener Association is to:

  • Promote quality intervention services for individuals with deafblindness
  • Promote recognition of interveners at local, state, and national levels
  • Promote the acceptance of the term “Intervener” as a unique profession requiring specialized training in deafblindness
  • Promote awareness of the positive impact an intervener can have on a child’s learning, communication, and overall development
  • Provide interveners with support and opportunities for networking with others in the field
  • Advocate through the legislative process to promote national systems change and have interveners recognized as related service providers under IDEA



  • We believe that children with deafblindness have the right to access information about people and things in the environment that are necessary for learning, interaction, and overall development.
  • We believe that this access can be provided by the services of an intervener who works one-to-one with a child who is deafblind and who has been trained through an intervener training program at a university or college and who has earned the National Intervener Credential through the National Resource Center for Paraeducators and Related Service Providers.
  • We support the role of the intervener which is to:
    • Facilitate access to the environmental information that is usually gained through vision and hearing, but which is unavailable or incomplete to the child who is deafblind.
    • Facilitate the development and/or use of receptive and expressive communication skills.
    • Maintain a trusting, interactive relationship that can promote social and emotional well-being for the child who is deafblind.



There are four categories of membership:

Credentialed Member who holds the National Intervener Credential awarded by the National Resource Center for Paraeducators and Related Service Providers
Associate Member engaged in providing deafblind intervention, but not holding the National Intervener Credential.
Student Member currently enrolled in an intervener training program. Student member must provide proof of enrollment every year.
Supporter Individual who support NIA but are not engaged in serving as an intervener.


  • Membership in a national organization dedicated to the profession and excellence of highly trained Interveners
  • Leadership opportunities and involvement in national advocacy efforts
  • Collaboration with like-minded professionals
  • Opportunities to share your experiences with others via Facebook



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If you are interested in joining, donating or have questions or suggestions, please contact us by following this link.

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